Should Apple make a similar MacBook?


    Foldable devices have so far proven a rather slow-burn. On the smartphone side, the devices we’ve seen have been expensive and fragile.

    Convertible laptop/tablet devices have also really compromised the functions of both. But the HP Spectre Fold kicks things up a notch, with a three-in-one device which could argue that it’s really a four-in-one …


    It’s a 13-inch laptop (that can become a 14-inch one), a 17-inch tablet, and also a portable 17-inch desktop. Here’s what HP has to say about the form factor.

    The Spectre Fold easily transitions between the three distinct form factors for a frictionless user experience. Effortlessly switch from a traditional laptop to a slim tablet with a continuous 17-inch screen, then to a powerful desktop with a sleek built-in kickstand. This is made possible with a foldable panel and integrated hinge, designed for durability and tested with the same requirements as traditional HP laptops.

    In laptop mode, the magnetically-attached keyboard covers the bottom half of the screen, though you can also slide it into a second position to reveal a slice of that screen for a kind of Touch Bar style experience – or just for a second app. HP describes this mode as 1.5 screens.

    The Spectre Fold surpasses the conventional laptop experience as the world’s first foldable PC with one and half screens using a physical keyboard.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because ASUS previously tried to pull off a similar trick with its Zenbook 17 Fold, which was criticized for its huge bezels and an overall thick and clunky look. But Engadget does think HP may be onto something with this implementation.

    The most striking thing about the Spectre Fold is its design. HP has managed to slim down its bezels and remove nearly all of the chunkiness we saw on the foldable ZenBook. With its 17-inch 2560 x 1920 OLED display opened all the way, the whole thing looks just like any other premium tablet (except for it being really big), which is a pleasant surprise. At 8.5mm thick, it’s deliciously thin and by opting for a lightweight magnesium body, the Spectre Fold tips the scales at just 2.86 pounds (1.3 kg) – a full pound less than ASUS’ creation from 2022.

    The Spectre Fold’s display looks great too. The panel is made by LG and basically crease-free (unless you look real hard from an angle), while boasting a listed brightness of up to 500 nits, along with VESA True Black HDR 500 certification. And for all your videoconference needs, HP crammed in a sharp 5-MP IR webcam that supports some clever security features like privacy alerts and automatic walkaway detection.

    It has to be said that it’s not a cheap device, at a cool $4,999.99 (glad it’s not five grand). For this, you get a choice of one spec, but it is at least a pretty decent one. It has a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 Evo Processor, an Iris Xe GPU, and a 1TB SSD.

    Last time, around 40% of 9to5Mac readers thought Apple should consider making something along those lines – a kind of ultimate MacBook Pro. MacBook Ultra, perhaps? What about now?

    Check out the video below, then take our poll, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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