OLED iPad Pro will double max storage to 4TB, says leaker


    A Korean leaker with a mixed track record is suggesting that the first OLED iPad Pro – expected to launch in the early part of 2024 – will be available with a 4TB storage tier.

    It follows the same source suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro storage may start at 256GB, and max out at 2TB, which would represent a doubling of each of the current tiers …


    Current iPad Pro storage tiers

    Apple currently offers the iPad Pro models with a choice of five storage tiers:

    • 128GB
    • 256GB
    • 512GB
    • 1TB
    • 2TB

    The 2TB tier was itself added back in 2021.

    Pricing rises steeply for the higher tiers. For example, there’s a $100 premium for 128GB to 256GB, while the difference between 1TB and 2TB rises to $400.

    OLED iPad Pro could double max storage

    The report comes from the Korean blogger yeux1122, citing unnamed supply chain sources.

    This is the supply chain parts supplier source. Apple’s new iPad Pro lineup will add a 4-tera option. (Version with Amoled Display)

    This would be double the 2TB offered on current models.

    While today’s post doesn’t explicitly say so, this would suggest a doubling of all tiers, meaning that the base storage tier would get a long-overdue boost to 256GB. That would see the new tiers as:

    If true, it’s not known whether there would be price rises to reflect this, as has been rumored for the iPhone 15.

    Follows earlier reports of other 2024 enhancements

    The biggest upgrade we’re expecting from the 2024 iPad Pro is to the display. The IPS LCD panel with mini-LED backlighting of the flagship model is expected to be replaced by an OLED screen, for both 11-inch and 13-inch variants. The display size is also expected to increase very marginally, at least for the larger model.

    We’re also expecting a new Magic Keyboard, with an aluminum construction and much larger trackpad, making it look much more like a MacBook.

    A key question around this is compatibility. Will the existing Magic Keyboards retain full compatibility with next year’s iPads, or will there be a small but annoying alignment issue? In the latter case, that could make upgrading much more expensive for those who use the keyboard.

    9to5Mac’s Take

    Certainly a bump in the storage tiers for the first OLED iPad Pro would be welcome. The 128GB starting tier especially is embarrassing in a supposedly pro device.

    Yeux1122’s track record is mixed. They have gotten enough things right in the past to give some credence to their reports, but been part-right, part-wrong about both the iPad mini 6 and iPhone SE 3, wrong about the iPad Air storage tiers, and wrong about the RAM in the iPhone 14 Pro.

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