iPhone trade-in: Lock in your value now


    Apple’s iPhone 15 launch is just days away, which means this is your last chance to lock in the best trade-in price. Your old iPhone can lose over $100 of value one month after the launch of a new iPhone. But 9to5Mac’s official trade-in partner Decluttr solves that while getting you cash instead of a gift card or installment credit. Plus grab an extra 10% on your trade-in with a 28-day price lock by using code DAILY TECHOUSE23.


    Why get your trade-in quote now?

    Like clockwork, new iPhones always impact the value of old ones. They usually drop by 12% in the first month. And 50% of people don’t trade in their device at the same time as upgrading, waiting an average of 10 months to do it. In that time, their device will lose 33% of its value.

    Depending on what iPhone you’re trading in, you could get anywhere from $60-$100+ more if you lock in a trade-in price before the new iPhones launch.

    Lock in your iPhone trade-in value

    Decluttr – 9to5Mac’s official trade-in partner

    Get a 28-day price lock-in period and a 10% cash bonus (up to $30) from Decluttr for your trade-in with code “DAILY TECHOUSE23“.

    In many, if not all cases, Decluttr has the best balance of generous trade-in values, seamless experience, and customer service. That’s why we picked the company as our official trade-in partner.

    How does Decluttr’s trade-in program work?

    Carrier buybacks can be tempting but usually mean leaving significant cash on the table. Decluttr offers up to 33% more than carriers and lets you beat iPhone depreciation with its 28-day price lock.

    And Decluttr pays in cash, not monthly installments like carriers. That means you have total flexibility to spend your money where and how you want.

    Another benefit of Decluttr’s 28-day price lock is you can keep your old iPhone until you get the new one.

    iPhone trade-in Decluttr

    Get cash for your other old Apple devices

    Going beyond what carriers offer, Decluttr isn’t limited to iPhones. You can sell a wide range of devices, including iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, game consoles, and other accessories.

    That means your upgrade is even more affordable by selling multiple devices.

    Lock in your iPhone trade-in value with a 10% bonus

    Decluttr makes the trade-in process a breeze. Just tell Decluttr what you’re selling and you’ll get your instant valuation. Shipping your devices is free, and you’ll receive next-day payment via direct deposit or PayPal after they’re approved.

    Use code DAILY TECHOUSE23 at checkout, and Decluttr will boost the value of your order by 10%, giving you even more cash for your upgrade. Don’t miss out on getting the best value, trade in your device now!

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