How many subscribers does NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube have?


    For the first time in over 20 years, NFL Sunday Ticket has moved its home from DirecTV to YouTube, and it seems that’s been a good move, as the package already has more subscribers through Google than it did before.


    The NFL confirmed to NBC Sports that NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV already has more subscribers this season compared to last season when it was on DirecTV.

    So, how many subscribers does NFL Sunday Ticket have on YouTube, then? No specific numbers were shared, but DirecTV was said to have under 2 million subscribers to Sunday Ticket last year, meaning YouTube is likely somewhere around that number.

    While there’s no one reason that YouTube’s version of the popular NFL package is gaining added steam, there are a few obvious reasons. First and foremost, Sunday Ticket through YouTube doesn’t require a satellite subscription and is less expensive when you look at the big picture. It’s also far less complicated to set up, given you simply purchase the package and have access through your YouTube/Google account on existing laptops, phones/tablets, and TVs. There’s no special set-top box or satellite needed.

    Initial impressions of the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube/TV also seem good. Despite some complaints that have surfaced online, viewers seem happy with the easy access, cost, and more advanced features like multiview.

    That said, YouTube’s $2 billion investment is said to need more than just a few more subscribers to make a profit. Just to break even, it’s been reported that over 4.5 million subscribers would be needed. Today’s news implies that, with the season now having begun, YouTube is only halfway to that number.

    Have you started using NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube or YouTube TV? Let us know your first impressions below!

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