Here’s how much faster 5G has become since iPhone 12


    Ahead of Apple’s iPhone 15 event next week, Opensignal is out with a new report that looks at how much faster 5G connections have become on Apple’s smartphones since the iPhone 12 debuted with support for the standard. Even if you’re not going to upgrade to the iPhone 15, Opensignal thinks going from an iPhone 11 or 12 to a 14 could be worth it for the 5G experience.


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    When the iPhone 14 lineup launched in fall 2022, we saw a nice jump in 5G performance, particularly for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

    Now Opensignal has published a report that goes beyond comparing the current iPhone to its predecessor and looks back to the iPhone 12 to see how 5G performance has improved. As well as looking back to the iPhone 11 for 4G performance and back to iPhone 8 for overall average cellular performance.

    The iPhone 15 will likely bring even faster cellular performance, but here’s how much 5G has changed since 2020 and the iPhone 12:

    In the US, the iPhone 14 devices are an average of 47% faster than the iPhone 12 lineup. That difference varies based on location, but of the six countries surveyed, most saw a notable bump.

    Opensignal highlights that newer devices like the iPhone 14 also support the latest 5G standards, like T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G SA. That tech merges multiple channels of 5G for super-fast speeds up to 3+ Gbps.

    When it comes to 4G performance, there is less of a difference from iPhone 12 to 14, but for anyone who still has an iPhone 11, big jumps come with modern iPhones.

    And here’s a deeper dive into how cellular performance has increased over the years from iPhone 8 to 14:

    Check out the full report on 5G and 4G performance from Opensignal here.

    If you’re not planning to upgrade to an iPhone 15, is speed enough to entice you to pick up an iPhone 14? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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