Galaxy Buds FE user manual confirms namesake and features


    Samsung’s next pair of wireless earbuds are all but confirmed with the Galaxy Buds FE manual available to the public prior to launch. The download gives us a closer look at some of the upcoming features in the Fan Edition buds.


    Less than a week ago, we got our first glimpse at the Galaxy Buds FE – or at least what was assumed to be so. The buds take on a familiar design that dates back to the original Galaxy Buds. It can be assumed that the similarities stop there, with updated drivers and sensors inside the chassis to bring that outdated pair of earbuds up to speed.

    Confirming that assumption, Samsung has made available the Galaxy Buds FE manual – whether intentional or not (via GalaxyClub). Samsung’s German website carries a support page for every active device, similar to every region. For whatever reason, that particular site has made the SM-R400N – Galaxy Buds FE – manual available for download. That PDF is available in English, which leaves very little room for misinterpretation.

    galaxy buds fe

    First, the Galaxy Buds FE will in fact carry the Fan Edition namesake. Second, images within the manual confirm the design that was leaked previously, matching up the name with physical attributes. Each bud carries a wingtip design, dual microphones, and touch sensor on the front face. The case it sits in carries two charging contacts and looks a little different than the original. Instead of a pill silhouette, it takes on a square build like the Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

    The case looks to be USB-C only, with no option for wireless charging. The buds themselves have both ANC and pass-through, with on-board controls for adjusting this setting. You can alternatively use the Galaxy Wearable app to adjust that setting and a few others. Of course, the Galaxy Buds FE also have Bixby built in.

    galaxy buds fe

    While the manual is a gold mine of information, there’s still a set of unknowns like pricing and availability. We’d imagine that Samsung is closing in on a release date sooner than originally anticipated if package materials such as manuals are already finalized. Still, there’s no telling. We also don’t have a clear idea on price, though the FE badge teases a more budget-friendly tag – possibly in the area $80. Of course, that’s just guesswork.

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